Here are a few activities and events we have planned. See the Newsletter for more details.


4th – First Wednesday Lunch Group – ‘Little V’ Vietnamese Restaurant
11th – Ladies Night at Pathé Buitenhof
17th – Birthday Boxes for Stichting Leergeld
25th – Lecture on Hans Holbein The Younger by Jane Choy


1st – First Wednesday Lunch Group ‘Jamie’s Italian’
9th – Cinema Matinee Trip – Pathé Buitenhof ‘Murder on the Orient Express
11th – Dinner at ‘Prosecco’ Italian Restaurant (Couples Event)
16th – Tour of ‘Neighbours: Portraits from Flanders – Exhibition Guided by Jane
Choy (Couples Event)
21st – PWC + AWC Trip to The Country & Christmas Fair at Kasteel De Haar – Utrecht
25th – Van Kleef Distillery Tour and Tasting, Den Haag (Couples Event)

Pop up events possible – See members page on Facebook!